Cosmetic Products Notification Portal UTS

It is mandatory to notify the Ministry of Health prior to the release of cosmetic items on the market, according to Cosmetic Law No. 5324. Furthermore, under Article 3 of Turkey’s cosmetic law, titled notification and audit, it is required to state to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal UTS before a cosmetic product is first introduced to the market, as well as to notify the product or producer of any modifications that occur after the notice.

It is illegal to manufacture, package, open, or run an import facility without first notifying the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal UTS, as well as to expand the scope of an institution’s activities without notifying the Ministry of Health of any modifications made after the first notification. Any manufacturer that does not comply with any of these limitations faces a punishment of 20.000 tl.

Critical Points

No letters or documents are issued by the Ministry showing that the notification has been registered in compliance with the cosmetic product notifications. The manufacturer, as defined by the applicable legislation, is responsible for all of the obligations outlined in Turkey Laws Nos. 5324 and 4703 for cosmetic items that have been notified.

As a result, the notified product’s contents and packaging(s) must comply with the cosmetic regulations. It is critical that the notification does not contain any erroneous or incomplete information.

The preparation of the free sales certificate is another function carried out by the product notification system (UTS). Turkey’s pharmaceutical and medical device cosmetics manufacturers have registered with the agency in the areas of domestic production in Turkey and manufacturing abroad with their own brands, as well as cosmetic products manufactured on behalf of the company with the brand owner, and the written authorization and notification process for cosmetic product export certificate applications will be exported electronically.

The certificate issued by the institution (with wet signature and cold stamp) is approved and delivered to the registered firm address in the attachment with electronic signature once the corporate accrual payment is made. The company is notified of inappropriate and/or incomplete applications.

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