CPNP Notification

The European Cosmetic Product Notification was established in Article 13 of the new EU Cosmetic Legislation. Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) is a free online Cosmetic Product Notification system. It is for cosmetic items being exported to European Union member countries.

Before a cosmetic product to be sold in Europe, the Responsible Person must register it in an electronic database. The Responsible Person realizes it under the designation CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).

The Aim of CPNP Notification

The goal is to notify the competent authorities that you are going to sell a cosmetic product on the European market. Thus, EU National Competent Authorities know who to contact if they have any queries or details about the cosmetic product.

The Commission receives a communication from the Responsible Person via the CPNP site. It includes the following information:

  • Cosmetic product category, name, and description.
  • The Responsible Person’s name and address, as well as the address where the Product Information File can be easily accessible.
  • Importing country.
  • Countries in which the product is sold.
  • The countries in which the product will be launched.
  • The contact person’s information.
  • If the product contains nanomaterial, the nanomaterial’s definitions, such as the IUPAC name, and the information stipulated in Annex 2 to Annex 6 of the Regulation. It needs to be disclosed, the estimated quantity of exposure. If the product contains CMR substances in categories 1A and 1B according to CLP regulation 1272/2008, the Cas and EC numbers of these substances.

Although the CPNP is not open to the public. The person (or company) who made the CPNP notification must be written on the labels of cosmetic products. The aim is to inform end consumers who to contact if they have an unusual reaction to a cosmetic product and what the best course of action is.

When a cosmetic product is released into the market, the Responsible Person must notify the Commission of the product’s labeling and packaging.

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