KKDIK Registration


KKDIK registration covers manufacturing, placing on the market or use of the substances on their own, in a mixture or in an article and placing the mixtures on the  market >1 ton per year

First of all, Pre-registration (Pre- SIEF) and Registration are the two processes in the KKDIK registration process. Pre-registration for the regulation began on December 23rd, 2017. Therefore, if the Pre-Registration is completed by December 31st, 2020, chemical compounds can be manufactured or imported into Turkey until December 31st, 2023 which is the registration period’s end date. Unregistered substances under KKDIK (Turkey REACH) after December 31st, 2023, cannot be manufactured in Turkey or imported into the country.

June 23rd, 2017 KKDIK Publication

 3/12/2017 – 31/12/2020: Pre-SIEF (Pre-registration) period. 

01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023: It is the registration period. 

01/01/2024 and after: No market access for unregistered substances.

What Are Substances Not Covered by KKDIK?

  • Waste material mixtures
  • Radioactive materials and their mixtures containing radioactive materials;
  • Substances and mixtures manufactured or imported for defense purposes. (If the competent authority does not request)
  • Substances and mixtures in temporary storage or a free zone or warehouse for re-export purposes or in transit and subject to customs, provided that they are not treated or processed.
  • Non-isolated intermediates.

What are the Exempted Substances from KKDIK Regulation?

The provisions in the Second (Registration), Fifth (Downstream User), Sixth (Evaluation) and Seventh (Permission) Sections of this Regulation do not apply to substances manufactured or imported for use in the following products;

  • Medicinal products
  • Foods
  • Feeds

The provisions of the Second (Registration), Fifth (Downstream User) and Sixth (Evaluation) Part of this regulation do not apply to the following articles:

  1. a) Substances included in Annex-4,
  2. b) Substances included in Annex-5,
  1. c) Exported and re-imported to Turkey

Part II (Registration) Part 1 – General Registration Product and process-oriented research and development and section VII (permit) In situ isolated intermediates and carried isolated intermediates not applicable

Part II (registration) and VI (evaluation) provisions do not apply to polymers.

KKDIK Registration Service

After Pre-SIEF registration, the KKDIK Registration service begins. It’s part of the SIEF Management service. Our KKDIK registration service includes:

  • Preparation of the Technical File
  • Determination of information requirements and test studies
  • Searching for alternative test methods
  • Identifying data gaps and providing information waivers
  • Health Hazard assessment (DNEL Calculations)
  • Environmental Hazard assessment (PNEC Calculations)
  • Physicochemical Hazard assessment (KGR) By Certified Chemical Assessment Specialist
  • Establishment of exposure scenarios (KGR) By Certified Chemical Assessment Specialist
  • Chemical Safety Assessment
  • Chemical Safety Report creation
  • Registration Application and follow-upOur
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