What is UFI Code (Unique Formula Identifier Code) ?

UFI code is a unique alphanumeric identifier assigned to a product containing a hazardous mixture. A Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) code is not just a series of characters; it’s a key element in enhancing product safety and expediting emergency responses. In the unfortunate event of a product-related incident, a UFI code ensures swift and precise communication, allowing authorities to identify the product’s composition and take necessary actions promptly.

1. Why do I need a UFI code for my product?

Regulatory authorities require UFI codes to improve product traceability and emergency response. They ensure swift and accurate communication during incidents involving hazardous products.

2. How is a UFI code generated?

UFI codes are generated based on the product’s formulation using a specific algorithm. This ensures uniqueness and consistency across the industry.

3. What products require a UFI code?

Products classified as hazardous mixtures, according to regulations, typically require UFI codes. Exemptions may exist, and it’s essential to understand the specific criteria.

What is PCN (Poison Centre Notification)?

In addition to the UFI, it is paramount to provide vital information about your mixture and associated products for poison centers to use. Poison Centre Notification (PCN) involves submitting information about a hazardous mixture to the European database of Poison Centres. The UFI code, on its own, holds no value; it is empty. As a result, a PCN must be carried out for each UFI code to assign significance and completeness.

What’s crucial to understand is that this notification is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Instead, it’s a requirement in every country where the product is intended to be sold.

A Global Perspective on PCN Notifications:

Consider this scenario: A German importer is bringing in a hazardous mixture and plans to distribute it across multiple EU countries, such as Spain and Italy. In this scenario, the importer is obligated to submit comprehensive product information to all the appointed bodies (poison centers) in the relevant EU countries—Spain, Italy, and Germany—before placing the mixtures on the market.

Why This Matters:

This practice isn’t just about meeting regulatory obligations; it’s a commitment to proactive safety measures. By adhering to PCN notifications in every market, businesses contribute to a safer and more transparent global marketplace. This guide not only demystifies the intricacies of the UFI code but also sheds light on the indispensable nature of PCN notifications, offering insights and solutions to navigate these essential processes seamlessly.

1. When is a PCN required?

PCN is required when making substantial changes to a product that could impact its safety, use, or regulatory status. Examples include changes in formulation, packaging, or labeling.

2. What information is included in a PCN?

PCN typically includes details on the nature of the change, the affected products, the reasons for the change, and relevant safety data. It serves to keep stakeholders informed and maintain regulatory compliance.

Our Services

  1. Advising on UFI code / PCN requirements

We provide expert guidance on understanding and meeting UFI code and PCN requirements, ensuring that your products comply with regulatory standards.

  1. Creating a UFI Strategy

We assist clients in developing comprehensive UFI strategies tailored to their product portfolios, addressing regulatory compliance and emergency response needs.

  1. Data Gap Analysis and Compilation

Our services include a thorough analysis of data gaps in your product information and the compilation of necessary data to meet UFI and PCN submission requirements.

  1. ECHA Account Management

We manage your accounts on the European Chemicals Agency platform, streamlining the process of UFI generation, PCN submission, and regulatory interactions.

  1. Application, Validation, and PCN Submission

We guide you through the application, validation, and submission processes, ensuring that your PCNs are accurate, complete, and submitted in a timely manner.

  1. Obtaining PCN Confirmation (PCN Number)

Our expertise ensures the successful confirmation and issuance of PCN numbers, validating the acceptance of your product changes by regulatory authorities.

  1. Consulting on UFI Inclusion on Product Labels

We provide consultancy on effectively incorporating UFIs on product labels, ensuring compliance with labeling regulations and enhancing traceability.

  1. Keeping PCN Dossiers Up to Date

We offer ongoing support to keep your PCN dossiers up to date, reflecting any changes in your products and ensuring continuous compliance with evolving regulations.

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